2015 Roots Along The River Line-up


Spring time is right around the corner and we are very busy here at Roots Along The River. We are excited to announce that in our first full year as a music series we were able to secure for you some of the best songwriters in the Texas/Red Dirt & Americana music scene. All of our artists, although not always none in the NY area, are veteran singer/songwriters playing venues like Luchenbach, Anderson Fair, The Saxon Pub and Gruene Hall on a regular basis. We will be offering a pre-sale special for all guests that purchase all of the shows in advance, later in the spring. We look forward to sharing the great talents of these visiting troubadours with you in such an intimate setting. We will be updating the website with all of the artists bio, videos and music samples as the shows get closer, but feel free the search them out and see how talented they all are.

Aug. 23 Walt Wilkins

Sept. 27 Jamie Wilson

Oct. 18 Michael O’Connor & Jeff Plankenhorn

Nov. 22 Robyn Ludwick

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